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I'm probably going to edit this like crazy, but here's a first version of my guide for Emerald Square. Any screenshots/suggestions/advice/videos are more than welcome! I'll post this on EM forum after I clean it up + am satisfied with it.

Emerald Square (Crystal Cavern Easy Mode)
Based on a guide originally translated by CheeryBlossom and sent to me by Seith, but heavily modified based on personal experience.
Time Limit: 90? minutes. Unless something goes seriously wrong, you don't need to worry about time.
If you fail, you can reenter after the time limit runs out without losing your Contaminated Crystal.

Crystal Cavern consists of 3 separate runs which you need to do on 3 separate days. Once you've cleared all 3 and have obtained all 3 colors of crystals, you're ready to tackle Baylor, which can be done on the third run if you have time. Anyway, this is Emerald Square which I always recommend doing first because this is the easiest one in basically every way.

The majority of nukes and big damage you'll receive in Emerald are dark element. It's strongly recommended that you do everything in your power to have as much dark resistance as possible.

1. White Shard of Evil (for S80 Armor and Jewelry)
2. Blue Crystal (to unlock Baylor)

Bare Minimum Party Setup:
1x Tank (TK/SK/Paladin/DA)
1x Bishop
1x EE or SE (despite there being a Bishop, your priority is still heals first and recharges second)
1x Dagger class (AW/PW/TH, must have Remove/Detect Trap skills learned!)
1x BD
1x WC or PP
3x Optional/DDs
normal Damage Dealer Classes
SwS (while not necessary, it's a huge! help, and you need a SwS for the other areas)
OL (can work in combination with PP to have both Victories of Pa'agrio and strong elemental resistance)

Everyone should use Dark Potions. They're sold in Rune or Aden for 30k each. Melees should take 3-4, the tank should take up to 6, and the ranged classes, healers, and buffers will want 1-2 for the boss if they get aggro.
BD: Nothing unusual, but use Concentration for WC so they can CoV faster
Bishop/EE: Use all dark resistance buffs on everyone.
SwS: Dark resist songs work really well here.

Requirements which must be met beforehand:
1. All players need to have a Contaminated Crystal
2. All players need to have the Bird in a Cage quest started and have the Echo Crystal of Free Thought.
3. One of the players needs to have completed the Secret Garden Key Quest. I recommend having the dagger user or the BD do it because they can silent move through the monsters as needed. I strongly recommend doing this at least twice because it's possible to mess up and waste a key inside.

Part 1: Getting the Key
To enter Crystal Cavern, swim underneath the floating island in the middle of Isle of Prayer. When everyone is there, the party leader needs to select "Touch the Sphere". If you plan to take anyone whose subclass is below level 78, they need to enter on their level 78 character first, then switch to their 77- subclass, and run back. Upon entering and after you're buffed, the leader needs to talk to the object in the middle of the room and select to go to Emerald Square/Steam Corridor.

Run to the hallway which leads down and you'll reach your first monsters. They're Dark element but aren't very difficult. Ignore the path to the right as you enter and go left instead. You'll see a locked door and a hallway leading to a mini boss.

You can do 1 of 2 things:
1. Defeat the monsters in the hallway and get to the end to fight the mini boss. (slower, but recommended if the dagger user is here for the first time)
2. Stop the group near the door. Now have your dagger user run back to lure the mini boss all the way to the party. (fastest way) If you're good at timing then the dagger user can run back ahead of time and have the boss arrive just as you finish killing the monsters near the door.

Make sure you're prepared because the mini boss hits extremely hard!!! and it does AoE attacks. Dark Resistance is highly recommended. The mini boss drops a key, which you must use on the nearby door to unlock the actual area of Emerald Square.

Part 2: Clearing the Lobby

This is pretty simple. You'll have to clear two sections of the giant lobby. Be careful because as soon as you enter and run down the hallway, there is a very big clump of monsters waiting on you. Some are melee and the unicorns are nukers. They don't hit very hard on their own but can be nasty in a group.

Make sure whoever has the keys does not get close to a door, or you'll risk opening it and wasting a key.

1. So kill all of the monsters in the area marked "Dost". There is almost always 1 or 2 golems which spawn extra late, then the mini boss spawns almost immediately after killing it. The first mini boss hits quite hard with AoE and doesn't have an element I'm aware of.

2. After that, go up a ramp into the area marked "Ted". The monsters here are very spread out. After killing them you'll get a mini boss which looks like a Cursed Man. This one is Dark element and doesn't hit very hard, but its minions seem to be sort of strong.

Part 3: Clearing the Secret Door
Now that you've killed the 2 lobby bosses, you need to open and kill mini bosses in each of the locked rooms. First go to the spot marked "Secret Door" on the map. Let the dagger user go first and be careful not to let anyone get close to any doors!

For the dagger user: There will be a trap in front of this door which you need to detect and disarm.

Inside of the first room you will find a nuker mini boss. You should probably clear the monsters around it before you take it down. Also inside this room is the NPC to exchange Shards of Evil for S80 key items and recipes.

Part 4: Clearing the Secret Garden Doors

For the one with the keys: There are 3 "Secret Garden Doors" marked on the map. From here on, approach each door slowly. Justinch toward it if you're not sure how close you need to be. It'lleventually open up. Now don't move! Sit down and wait for your party toclear the room. You can't follow them inside. If you move after it'sopen, you'll lose a key and people will be locked out or locked inside.In a worst case scenario you'll have to SoE out and redo the Key questin the middle of the mission.

After that, move from door to door. Let the key person open the door, run in, kill the monsters. Repeat this for all of the rooms on the map. Again, use as much dark resistance as you can; the mini bosses inside have very strong nukes, most of which are dark element. If you want, all you really have to do is kill the mini bosses; the regular monsters inside are optional.

Until I get their names or screenshots, I'll just say the mini bosses are easy to identify because they look different from every other monster and are fairy tale themed (fairies, unicorns, etc). One of the rooms has a unicorn which will paralyze.

Now, you're ready for the raid boss.

Part 5: Defeat the Raid Boss
If you have time and you're not confident in your kill speed, you can fully rest up. You probably will have time. It shouldn't take longer than 10-20 minutes to kill her.

This raid is basically an easy raid boss. Think of Anakazel from the Hero Rift with more HP. But, there's a catch! You'll be constantly spammed with AoE debuffs and damage traps inside of the raid boss room. The debuffs include Paralysis and Poison, probably others too.

Again, buff everyone with Dark Resist. If you get aggro, use a Dark Potion so the healers can conserve MP. This raid boss tends to switch its aggro very often.

If you want, a dagger user can detect and disarm the traps in the room, but it's really useless. The traps respawn whether you disarm them or not.

For the healers: Don't stand next to the other healer(s). You don't want both of you to be paralyzed. If you need to use invocation, run to a corner where no one is. Wait for the trap to go off, heal yourself if needed, and then use Invocation ASAP. You'll have to cure paralysis and DoT constantly so watch for it.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to go back into Dark Cloud Mansion to get another Contaminated Crystal for 24 hours. So just in case you get the crazy idea to run up there with the whole party afterward, well NCSoft decided that nope you can't do it. ^_^

Part 2
Coral Garden (Crystal Cavern Normal Mode)
Time Limit: 90? minutes. Unless something goes seriously wrong, you don't need to worry about time.
If you fail, you can reenter after the time limit runs out without losing your Contaminated Crystal.

Coral Garden is the land of OMG THAT HURTS water nukes. Thankfully most of their casting animations are slow so you can sleep or stun them out of it. This place is a pain to prepare for because everyone needs Water Dragon Scales, but you need to do Coral Garden a lot if you want s80 armor because it's the only one where you can get Black Shards of Evil.

If you're going to do Baylor, well at least 7 months ago it was buggy as buggy gets. I'm told if you want to go to Baylor, you're a lot less likely to get bugged if you go there through Coral Garden.

-Everyone needs a Contaminated Crystal
-Everyone needs at least 2 (preferably more) Water Dragon Scales. They can be obtained from Dark Water Dragons in Chromatic Highlands. There's a long but simple strategy for getting the scales but not going to detail it atm.
-Someone needs to gather ~30 Coral Fragments from the boxes on Isle of Prayer. Only 1 person needs to have them.
-Bring death penalty scrolls and maybe BREZ ^_^

1. Black Shard of Evil (for s80 armor and jewelry)
2. Transparent? Crystal (to unlock Baylor)

Party Setup:
1x Tank
2x EE/Bishop/SE (sleep and strong heals are pretty important, probably a strong res too)
1x WC/PP
1x BD
1x SwS or DD (SwS strongly recommended!)
1x Lurer (you don't want to fight 2 monsters at once)
2x DD/Optional - Fire weapons are great here

PP - Elemental Protection is important!
BD - Aqua Guard. Yes, for once it's useful. Also Con if the buffer is a WC.
SwS - Vitality/Warding/That1ElementalSong are more important than even Hunter. Seriously. If you have trouble keeping vit up then oh well, d/w about it.
Everyone - Bring some water pots. You want to reduce those nukes from doing 6k damage down to maybe 3k. ^_^

Part 1:
Once you're inside and ready to go, the leader picks the Coral Garden option from the center of the first room. Go up the ramp!

Now you'll be next to a room with a lot of monsters in it. You could just rush right in but that's....dumb. ^^ Like I said and will say many times, the monsters can one shot you. And even if they don't, they'll one shot you after they magic crit. So rather than doing that, the best thing you can do is have a dagger user lure them one by one. I don't think the monsters even bother to nuke at first when lured, so the dagger user should be safe.

If you have stun, wait for them to do their long slow casting animations and stun them.
If you have sleep, wait for them to do their long slow casting animations and sleep them.

So kill everything 1 by 1. Yup, that's it.

Part 2:
Now some NPC golems will spawn. This is where the Coral Fragments come in. The golems will spawn on the inner wall and your goal is to make them come to the mini room on the outer wall. So, drop a Coral Fragment on the ground & the golems will come up and eat them. ^_^ All you have to do is lay a trail which lures the golems over to the mini room. They'll turn blue if you did it right. If they stop or get stuck, hit them once and they should move.

Part 3:
Raid Boss!

Actually this raid boss isn't very hard either. But, it's tricky, and if everyone's timing sucks, well then this is the hardest raid boss by far.

Raid boss' attacks:
1. Freeze - works the same as para except I don't think you can cure it
2. Shadow Clone Jutsu? - she splits into a whole ton of clones and you have to kill them until you find the right one.
3. Sorry, you die - you get one shotted. No questions asked. Don't think she does this very often.

Most of her attacks are aoe cone attacks. Meaning they travel in a fat triangle from her front. Standing at her side or front will get you hit by attacks, standing behind will not. So, clearly the plan is to attack from the front.

When the raid boss gets lot on HP, this is when you've got an actual OH NOES moment. She'll turn herself invincible. Nothing you can do will hurt her. To break it you'll have to have everyone in the party use a Water Dragon Scale on her at the same time! What the hell right?

Well, ever heard of Murphy's Law? Not only is it hard to get everyone to use it at the same time, but if you're hitting her when she is invincible, she messes up the server and causes your client to lag lag lag. Hint: don't be hitting the invincible target. =P

If you can somehow manage to kill her invincibility, congrats, the fight is just about won. Just drop her and get your rewards.[img][/img]

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