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Academy Rules
You may join us before 39 lvl. Community - English and Bulgarian. DarkVampires - Clan lvl 6. Academy name SWAT.
When you finish second class transfer, you will receive up to 15kk reward from the clan if you coplete it in a week and 10kk if you coplete it in two weeks.
Our clan will protect you and help you with class change quests. You have to put all collected mats in CWH withought pieces and recipes.
If you have other questions feel free to ask the Clan Lider.
Have Fun !

About Reward: your reward depends  on the Clan Reputation Points you will contribute to the clan, respect your join lvl

before 15 lvl - 10kk
15-20 - 8
20-25 - 6
25-30 - 4
30-35 - 2
coplete in a week second class transfer + 5kk
35+ - 5kk

You may stay in academy for no more than one mounth, after that you will be dismissed.



! DarkVampires Recruit serious players 1-39 lvl - for Academy



! DarkVampires Recruit serious players 60-79 lvl - for RoyalGuard